From Yummyideas, make your tasting experience look as good as it tastes

This is the first of a few tasting sticks designed to complement your experience .

There are 12 apertures per mould, giving your clients plenty of room to experiment with flavours and colouration.
At £6 each + (£1 postage regardless as to how many ordered UK only) Follow the PayPal link below then email me and I will send UK post next day.

The Mayan face is the first of a series we are producing so each major region can have its own distinct style. Americas - Caribbean - Africa - Madagascar - Asia

If you prefer and would like you own logo rather than the iconic image please call or email me - Words are free.

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The stick is designed to complement your teaching -

Look - the smooth end will show its lustre and finger melt by rubbing and aroma

Snap - the fracture line will give a consistent snap point for audible crispness and tempering

Face - the face for aroma, or just to look good

Pod - this is to break off for a consistent quantity for taste release and timed melting in the mouth.

If you are clever a small drop of flavouring essence could be added to give your party that extra zing!

01295 721271