Creative solutions
for inspirational

Each of these designs/moulds have been created by Yummyideas, working for chocolatiers who wanted to step out of the normal or wanted a precise solution to their customer's need. Follow the link/image to read more  

Royal Artillery and
Royal Engineers
Chocolate Cap Badges —
Mould for pudding toppers

If Carlsberg did Chocolate Bars —
Glass mould

Chocolate Radiator
Mould for a truly creative Chocolatier



'Statement' Chocolate Bar
If it is going to taste that good
we put their Logo on it.
(waiting Images)

Chocolate invitations
Personalised event invitations in a tin. With 'Word' template for instructions and directions.

London Underground
Pre production marketing moulds



Supporting a Special School
Fund raiser

Fit for a Castle
Castle pub and Restaurant,
complementary chocolates

Wedding favour
The theme of 'Scotland',
this is a simple low cost bar


Gingerbread Boy and
Moulds for exquisite
R Chocolates London.

Christmas Tree
So simple yet so effective and versatile
(waiting images)

Moulds for R Chocolates of London.


Wedding day table chocolates
Characters to add fun to the table or as gifts.

Haiti Project
Moulds to help Cocoa farmers re-build after the disaster Hurricane Matthew.
(waiting images and story)

Designed as a small bar for flavouring. Space for your logo to be embossed.


Wedding day table chocolates
To add fun to the table or as gifts. Just Married suitcases, mini ones too!

Elephant Moulds
R Chocolates of London.
A commission to design and make these moulds made everyone happy

Valentine "new design"
Hot off the screen new bar designs for Valentines day
(waiting images)

  Tasting Tablet and
Tasting Disk

2.5g disk and 6g tablet.
for tasting sessions and courses. Use the tablet tounge to test luster and inclusions, the grove for audio-snap, rub the face for the aroma value and time the pod for melt and flavour release in the mouth.
  BIBA Awards
pudding topper

Quick turn-round moulds with no fuss design solution