From Yummyideas, Buy the mould that makes eating chocolate fun

This is the first of a new series of chocolates mould designs that we are producing.

There are 4 apertures per mould, giving you clients plenty of room to experiment with flavours and colouration.

So before you get too excited, why not buy a sample chocolate as per this picture first
At £3 each + (£1 postage UK only) Follow the PayPal link below then email me your address and I will send it out to you UK post next day. - Emergency chocolate £4 inc postage

For more than one item please email me so I can provide an invoice and bank transfer details.

If you prefer and would like you own logo or design please call or email me - Words are free.

01295 721271

For your security I do not ask for personal details from this site, hence the use of email. In addition no information is ever shared, sold or otherwise divulged.

Below is a full 3D bar to give you an idea of what we can achieve

You buy with your eyes
and you eat what you've bought

Entry level embossed "Logo Moulds" - what will yours look like? Free visual service

Above full 3d price by estimate only.
Below embossed £360 x10 moulds 4per mould (40 chocolates

Make your own

01295 721271